Its been awhile, but living then in Southern California, I was contemplating my future. My days as an athlete in which I played football in college and shortly as a pro were concluding; the Vietnam war was over and I was back home.

I had attended USC's Film and Television Department, where my goal was to become a film director. I accepted an internship with KCET - Community Television for Southern California - where I operated Beta-Cam for The Los Angeles History Project.

My first real job in which I was making a living in the entertainment industry, was as Executive Director of United Artist Cable in my hometown of Whittier, California.

In retrospect, I remember dreaming of being an actor and subsequently joining the Screen Actors Guild. Following this, I then began to audition and landed roles in several major films including Men In Black, Norbit and From Dusk Til Dawn; as well as roles on television shows such as Deadwood, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and Son of the Beach.

A few years later, my call as a native filmmaker - my ancestry... beckoned me... I wrote, shot and cut "Bambu Island" in the West Indies, and "Whispers", a multi-award winning PBS series.

I then became an independent filmmaker, and formed A Story Untold Productions. Today, with my co-writer and wife Missy, we are developing "Fallen Angels", based on a Native American spiritual journey, shooting both in Southern California and Utah.

Currently I envision a challenging creative cinematic experience with unique and diverse perspectives that will inform and engage audiences.

George Angelo

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